In creating a world, everything is relative.

Directing and Coaching in small theater and film have provided me with a mix of experimentation, intimacy and surprising discoveries.

I have directed actors in New York and San Francisco. It’s always a matter of building a world that remains consistently relative to the style and period of the piece. Whether historical or contemporary, the text is key. If you can justify the action within the structure of the text, then you can make incredibly creative choices in the world of the play. The key is to keep it relative — that is unless you are improvising…

My style as a director is inventive, budget conscious, fun, and enhancing of an actor’s unique essence. As an actor works hard in the ensemble, I will support the actor with guidance, structure and tools. I believe in a positive experience during the rehearsal process.

If you would like to discuss hiring me to direct your play or performance piece, please contact me with your inquiry. I am also available for one on one coaching and public speakers.

Deborah Mangrum-Price, Director, Playwright, Actor, Artist

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